8 Easy Ways to Support Black Lives Matter from Home

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Called concerning a $20 counterfeit bill, police officers forced Floyd out of his car, handcuff him, and proceeded to kneel on him, until he died. Former MPD Derek Chauvin had kneeled on Floyd’s neck while Floyd repeatedly pleaded, “I can’t breathe,” eventually suffocating to death. Two additional officers (Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane) applied pressure on Floyd, pressing him into the ground, while a third officer (Tou Thao) stood by, speaking with bystanders who filmed the incident and attempted to help.

After cries of outrage and protests in every major city in the nation, all four officers have been convicted. Chauvin is now charged with second-degree murder (formerly third-degree) and second-degree manslaughter. Kueng, Lane, and Thao are all charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. 

I know, or am hoping, that we all have been trying to engage in the ways that we can make a difference. There are many ways you can help bring justice – from protesting on the streets to sending emails and making phone calls to your local legislature. There are also many educational resources out there you can use to learn about systemic racism and educate yourself on how to recognize your priviledge and actively be anti-racist. All of these methods are equally as important and imperative, but some take more time to complete than others. The following are ways you make an immediate impact while at work and crunched for time.

Here are 8 super quick and easy ways you can make a difference without leaving home. 

***This NOT a comprehensive nor an exhaustive list – please continue to sign/contribute/learn beyond what is below***


NAACP – Justice for George Floyd : The NAACP has three points of demand: an independent and impartial special prosecutor, reinstitution of DOJ consent decrees on police departments, and police-reform legislation. Sign Now

Justice For Breonna : Breonna Taylor was fatally shot while asleep in her home in Louisville, KY. Using a “no-knock” warrant, officers in plain clothes forced entry into Taylor’s home. Upon entry, officers entered into an altercation with Taylor’s boyfriend, during which Taylor was shot at multiple times and killed. Taylor’s family and lawyers dispute officers’ claims of knocking and identifying themselves before forcefully entering the apartment. They also mandate that this raid did not need to occur during the middle of the night. No officers have been charged. The FBI has opened an investigation into the shooting. Sign Now

**Update: there is now an official website with another petition for Breonna Taylor. Please Sign This As Well**

RunWithMaud – Justice For Ahmaud : On February 23, Ahmaud Arbery was pursued by two middle-aged white men and fatally shot while on a run in a neighborhood he frequented. Greg and Travis McMicheal claim that they suspcted Arbery of the multiple thefts that occured in that neighborhood. After chasing him through multiple streets, they entered into an altercation, during which Arbery was shot three times and killed. The McMicheals were charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. William Bryan, the individual who filmed the incident, was also charged with felony murder and illegaly using a vehicle to confine and hold Arbery. In addition, federal investigators have launched a hate crime investigation as Travis McMicheal has a history of using racial slurs and it has been said that racial slurs were uttered at the scene of the crime. Sign Now

There are many, many more petitions on Change.org calling for justice, police reform, and more. You can search for topics such as ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Police Reform,’ and ‘Racism’ for specific petitions. 


Campaign Zero

Created by a combination of activists, protestors, and researchers, this platform provides comprehensive solutions to end police brutality. It also gives information on police reform policies passed in your area of residence.

8 Can’t Wait

Run by Campaign Zero, this is a set of eight police reform policies that can reduce police violence by 72%. This website also provides comprehensive reform policy information by city and an analysis/database on the use of police force.


Photo From: Black Lives Matter Official Site

Black Lives Matter: An organization that was founded in 2013 after the murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. This organization fights to provide justice, equality, and freedom for all Black people. Donate To The Cause Here

Photo From: ACLU National Official Site

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Founded in 1920, this organization has fought, and continues to fight, for the constitutional rights of all people, focusing on people of color and minority groups. ACLU National has joined forces with ACLU of Minnesota to conduct a fair and transparent investigation in the murder of George Floyd. Donate To The Cause Here

Photo By: Philonise Floyd

George Floyd Memorial Fund: This GoFundMe page was created by George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd. All proceeds will go to the Floyd family to cover funeral/burial expenses and any needs the Floyd family may have during this time. Donate To The Cause Here

Photo From: Campaign Zero Official Site

Campaign Zero: An organization focused on police reform policies, all proceeds will go directly towards research and providing data to policymakers, protestors, activists. Donate To The Cause Here

Photo From: The Bail Project Official Site

The Bail Project: 100% of the online donations go to bail funds. After funds are returned at the end of a client’s case, they are recycled back into this organization’s fund and redistributed. Donate To The Cause Here

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  1. Almost 9 mins…. I can’t even begin to understand why. I hope this is enough. I hope we are loud enough to be heard this time. Sure feels like it.


  2. I love how so many people are using their platform to spread positive ways to help! I’ve already signed a few petitions and made small donation. I hope have too, let’s all stand together ♥️


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