Hi everyone! I’m Aakansha — also known as Shelly to many of my college friends. I’m a lover of cats (though I’ve never owned any), a book nerd (of these I own too many), a movie maniac, and a Harry Potter fanatic. I’m also a traveler (on a budget), an outdoor enthusiast, an aspiring medical student, and an overall curious human being.

In a nutshell, I was born in India, on a hill in the northeast state of Sikkim. I immigrated to the US with my family at the age of three and have been here ever since! I traveled a mere two hours to attend UVA where I studied computer science and biology, and hope to one day be able to call myself a doctor.

I love to talk about my experiences and if you get me started, I’ll never shut up about my passions. Sometimes I’ll embark on a new baking adventure (I have a Harry Potter cookbook!), read a new novel I can’t wait to discuss, go camping in the pouring rain, or simply have a thought I feel others might relate to.

I’m certainly no expert in any topic, and I definitely do not have life figured out even a little bit, but join me and we can stumble through it together! I’ll try to update whenever I can, but for more regular life updates, follow me on Instagram at @AakanshaJain. Thanks for checking in, and I hope that at the very least, I could provide some amusement to your day!


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