Quarantine Lit List: May & June Edition

It's been a busy month. The world has gone through a lot, and so have we, trying to adapt. Trying to learn. Trying to create an environment we're proud to live in. With everything going on, I never put out my May Lit List, so I decided that I'd combine May and June's list together. ... Continue Reading →

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8 Easy Ways to Support Black Lives Matter from Home

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Called concerning a $20 counterfeit bill, police officers forced Floyd out of his car, handcuff him, and proceeded to kneel on him, until he died. Former MPD Derek Chauvin had kneeled on Floyd's neck while Floyd repeatedly pleaded, "I can't breathe," eventually suffocating to... Continue Reading →

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How I Nurture My Love for Nature

Growing up, I wasn't really the type of kid who chose to play outside. That's not to say I didn't, but if possible, I would choose sitting inside watching tv or reading a book over exploring the outdoors. However, as I grew older, my love for the outdoors grew as well. While in college, I... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why I’m Dedicated To My Workout

I consider myself to have always been an athletic person (okay, semi-athletic). I knew that working out was important and could tell you all the mental and physical health benefits, but honestly? I was just really lazy. The prospect of working out after hours of studying, or worse, making myself leave my house on the... Continue Reading →

How to Never Die: Have a Digital Death!

Skepticism. That’s what I felt when I first started watching Amazon Prime’s newest original show, Upload. I knew I would watch it because of its superb cast and because it's by the creator of The Office, Greg Daniels, but I actually wasn’t intrigued or excited by the trailer. At best, I assumed I would use... Continue Reading →

From Oats to Granola: The Journey Within

Everyone knows what it's like to have the munchies. Usually, I look in the pantry and grab something that's coated with chocolate. Actually, my general go-to snack is anything and everything that's loaded with fat and carbs (the bad kind). Now that I have some time on my hands, I'm trying to make better decisions... Continue Reading →

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